We are pleased you have considered becoming a new C HOLDINGS CEYLON (PVT) LTD dealer. Our BEARINGS FILTERS AND BREAK PADS Are revolutionary that has taken decades of innovative thinking to achieve. While this exceptional product, has its roots in research and development it has commercial, industrial and domestic uses that are only now being realized.  The truth is we are only now realizing the domestic applications of these exceptional products.


Since this product is without peer in the market place you, as a C HOLDINGS CEYLON (PVT) LTD dealer, are guaranteed excellent response from your customers, incomparable profit margins and an outstanding return of your investment. We think you will find that our profit margins are higher than what would be expected, which is very exciting. Our dealers are more profitable because this is a hot product line so our dealers make higher profit margins it’s as simple as that!


As a C HOLDINGS dealer, you, as with all C HOLDINGS Dealers agree to protect the minimum retail and wholesale (or commercial) prices we have established. Dealers found to be selling below these minimum guideline prices are subject to having their dealer status terminated so you do not have to worry about a nearby dealer discounting the price and undercutting your profit margin. Retail and commercial minimum prices can be seen on our pricing information sheet seen elsewhere in your dealer handbook.


Perhaps you have noticed there is only one C HOLDINGS brand, you will not find this product anywhere else or in typical stores and that is a protection for your dealership. Our brand should be viewed as YOUR brand because there will be only one and you directly profit from it.


Any sales leads that come to us  goes to the nearest dealer (within driving distance).You will be happy to learn that there is no dealer or distributor fee and no specific minimum opening order, however, new C HOLDINGS dealers will be asked to purchase a minimum initial inventory order that satisfactorily represents our product line. We prefer to make it as easy as possible to start up a C HOLDINGS dealership. We are happy to help you place your opening order. Additionally, there is no minimum inventory requirement.


Another dealer advantage includes 35% cash discount on all re-orders. That’s right we give a good commission to all are dealers


Dealers and distributors are carefully screened, a number of factors are considered before a dealer or distributor is selected so if you wish to be considered please fill out our DEALER AGREEMENT FORM included in your information package. We hope that you will make the decision to become a C HOLDINGS dealer or distributor and we enjoy a lasting and profitable business relationship. If you have further questions please feel free to speak to your representative or call directly. Thank you.





W C L Perera, Director








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